2016 , another Great Lac Seul Adventure .

Starting with the Hoving and the Weyandt groups in May to the Zimmermann group in late September , the fishing was what you would expect from Lac Seul ,,,,and better !

Sam was guiding Patrice and Kerry on one of the last days of our season . Their day ended with 97 walleye , 4 pike and 25 bass between 18 and 21 inches . Not bad for only 3 fishing . Ken Hoving started the season as good or better as did Jim Weyandt and brothers . Toni Orsini landed his first musky , a vary nice 49 incher . Basil Shattler our gude added a 31+ inch walleye to his score board too . Walleyes between 23 to 29 iches were in the thousands and the same can be said about the best eatter's and keepers between 15 and 18 inches , thousands ! I agree , it sounds crazy but it's true and that's what makes it even crazier !

So many great groups with to short a season , names like Gravley , Hoving , Weyandt , Towmsend , Robinson , Juba , Janicki , Gibson , Beaman , Miller ,Gryboski , Dreyer , Olson , Sment , Denny , Pollard , Wagner ,Braun , Ryan , Smurthwaite , Frohbieter , Weckwearth , Zeiger , Holly , Lang , Skims , Boss , Zimmerman and so many more , this but a few we call friends ! Many names I just could not add to the list but still a wonderful part of Lost Islands family , but there is one name that not only is a great friend and guest and brings more fishermen then any other , a leader of men and not a bad guide (: Bobby Janssen . From family and the friends to the great companies that come with Bob and Braun always put a smile on my face . The Lac Seul adventure lives in their tales of each days closing . Like most if not all , we are treated to their stories of who landed the biggest , who landed the most or how they would never have landed the fish if not for the worlds greatest netter (true with Dreisen party) It is this moment each day that makes our jobs the best job you could ask for !

The fishing season relating to the weather was not a normal weather pattern but that said with only a few hot days followed by cooler days made for a nice summer . If there was one thing that was a bit of a pain , that would be the wind !! A lot more wind then what we would see on a average summer . If the weather man called for 9 mph as Basil would say " you can *** well bet it's going to be ******* 20 mph (:    And most offten it was true . Good weather or bad stormy weather the walleye stayed on the bite and That's do to our guides and Lac Seul being the great fishery that it is !

We added new 150 and 175 Hp  Yamaha motors to the guide boats . We also added some more 50 Hp Yamaha motors on Alumacraft boats , adding new Hummingbird fish finders too . More on order as the guest loved the 50 on the new 18ft .

As great as the fishing season was our hunting season was not ! If it were not for bad luck we would not have had any luck at all . As most of you know from our evening chats on the deck over looking the main docks , that a few years back we had two back to back tough winters where we lost a great part of our deer herd and so I have been keeping our hunters down to around a dozen each fall . Guys like Steve and JP , 23 years and counting plus McCall and his group , Bob , Ricky and the Pa boys . In all 11 hunters this fall , 7 of the 11 had big bucks in sight . But for a tree being in the way or just not looking left as the Old Guy stepped out of the shooting lane . Bob hit the top of the hill over looking his shooting lane only to see a vary tall white tipped 10 pointer walk off into the forest (just a few seconds sooner...) Bigger and better next year !! Sadly we had a couple wounded ,but one for sure will make it , just a nick and maybe both .  I purchased a new rifle and told myself " the first will only be a Wall Hanger" well nothing on the wall . I only hunted 3 full days and 4 part days but durring my walks spotted many deer . Tracked and jumped some big bucks but no shot , a 8 point was the best and never knew I was there , next year , right !! I seen many doe's with 2 and some with as many as 3 fawns making for a good forcast . What would we look forward to if not for hunting season ? As you just read , I never fired a shot this fall and yet it was a wonderful time for me . If I harvest a big buck it's a bonus ! You have all seen the photo of the foot prints Jesus makes in the sand , but I see them more offten in the snow !

It may have been the hunting season of bad luck but a good time was had by all and like them I too am looking forward already to next years Whitetail  hunting season .


Wolf Hunts

Soon the first of Sams wolf hunters will be sitting in their blinds (heater on) and by the trail cams it should be a good season . Some big males are returning to the baits offten and durring daylight . Many times you have more night time photos but these guys are bold . Also one looks as if it's a vary large female , 120 Ibs I'm guessing or more . All baits being hit . Now the only problem I see is the wound and broken bones in Sams right foot from the axe skipping off a log . Now infection is the big worry , making a trip every 12 hours to the hospital for IV induced antibiotics . He's young and they heal fast or so I hope because you know who will be taking over all the baiting (:  The wolf hunts are looking good !!!

Jan. 1st 2017 a new year  and sure to be a great one too . We wishes all nothing but the vary best for the coming year . Stay safe .

Your Friends at Lost Island