Lost Island Lodge, on Lac Seul - Map/Directions

Lost Island Lodge

Owners/Hosts: Shane & Chris Hayes


Lost Island Lodge
R.R. #2 Emo, ON P0W 1E0

Winter Phone: (807) 482-3001
Summer Phone: (807) 582-3366
Cell Phone: (807) 275-6858

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Four generations of Lost Island Lodge

"Big Jim" Hayes, Lost Island Lodge on Lac Seul
"Big Jim" Hayes , Clearwater/Pipestone lake resorts

Jimmy Hayes at Lost Island Lodge on Lac Seul
Jimmy Hayes ( Son ) Pipestone / Lac Seul resorts

Shane Hayes, owner of Lost Island Lodge on Lac Seul
Shane Hayes ( Son ) Clearwater/Vista/Lac Seul resorts

Sam Hayes of Lost Island Lodge on Lac Seul
Sam Hayes ( Grandson )guiding Pipestone/lac Seul

"Our family’s love of the outdoors is due, in large part, to our father/grandfather, 'Big Jim Hayes'. He was a trailblazer and mentor to all of us. With us, he shared a lifestyle rich in nature’s rewards and the pleasure that comes from sharing it with others.  As we introduce, yet another generation, to this way of life, we also maintain the tradition of providing vacationers and outdoor enthusiasts with a great canadian experience."

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