Can it only be February , really ?

They say " Time waits for no Man" , I guess this is right , but could we get to spring already !! You and I have walleye waiting and it's only February .  Sure we can sit in a shack on the ice and hope a fish comes by the hole we drilled ! Nothing and I mean nothing is better then a sunny spring day with the sun on your back and a walleye on the rod . The freshness of spring with the scent of new growth filling the air , as you glide into a spring walleye bay and knowing that this is your moment , your day !

3 months , I guess it's not that far off to the walleye opener , May 21st  !   We can watch others catching fish on TV , helps some !!!  In fact  Babe Winkelman and my son Sam , who most of you know ! Their show aired a week or so ago , earlier in some parts of the USA . Wild TV had it . It's always fun when you know the person you are watching . My brother Jim and I made some of the vary first shows Babe ever but on TV . Babe first meet Sam when Sam was about 4 years old ,  Sam even slipped into the back ground during one of the camera shots , age 5 . He and Babe have had a special relationship over these last 20 years . I think that Babe knew from the start just how much Sam loved to fish and the friendship grew from that . They do have that  in common , the love of the great outdoors plus fishing and hunting !

As I said before ,  this helps to pass thelong cold snowy days of winter ( in North Western Ontario they are LONG) but still not the same as being in that calm bay as the sun comes over the trees ,  bring the promise of your first walleye of the day !

Sam has been fishing for trout , walleye and crappie this winter and so I have fresh fish to dine on with out getting cold ( Canadian winds and flying snow) I will wait until March when the sun has a few more BTU's in it  (:   We will head up to Lac Seul in March to check on the lodge and force ourselves to deep frie some fresh walleye . At this time I can see light at the end of the tunnel , spring is getting close !

It's now 10:00 pm and I can check off another day closer to the walleye opener and the sun on my back !

Stay safe my Friends and remember , your true Ontario walleye experience starts with a trip to Lac Seul .