Fishing Reports

Spring of 2017

May 19th the first fishermen show up at Lac Seul . The arguing and bragging has already started over who is landing the biggest walleye and last years conquest ! Let the games begin !!

The weather started off with a mix of sun and rain , temps dipping down into the 40's but with a promise of warm weather to come was reported . Looking back now we can say they were wrong once again . Not sure what the average was but below normal for sure . Not that this was bad (mid 60's) but a little more sun and a little less rain would have been better .

Crazy weather for sure BUT the fish crusing the shallows of Lac Seul did not seem to care at all . May as always ,was vary good fishing with many large females being boated for photo opp's before returning to the lake . The Hoving , the Weyandt and Ackersons groups along with others can vouch for this statement . As can the Patee fishing team . Although many walleye between 25 and 29 inches were landed this spring , only one surpassed that magic 30 inch mark .

June held to more of the same when it came to the weather , mid 60's with dips down into the high 40's and a day or two where it pushed up into the high 70's . The walleye , pike and bass stayed in the shallow waters what I think was longer then normal . Walleye at the end of June were still being hammered in 5 feet of water and lots of them ! From sometime around the 10th to 24th of June the walleye fishing went crazy ! Even though Lac Seul is known for it's numbers of walleye per/day these 2 weeks were unbelievable !!!! Basil (one of the guides) had a family (Josh B )of 7 out fishing and they were burning through 32 dozen minnows A DAY and still running out of bait !!  Sam ( my Son and guide) had the same experience , somedays ripping through 16 dozen with 3 guys before noon !  It was crazy good .....  The May fly hatch towards the last part of June , should have put a damper on the fishing and it did somewhat ,  but for the most part things stayed the same , good to vary good CATCHING of walleye .

Pike , whenever , wherever ! You find the walleye , you find the big pike too ! These spotted submarines are feeding on the walleye and believe me , these BIG gators (as we sometimes call them )love to steal the walleye right off your line ! Now this makes for a fun day , a two for one sale ! That is if you get both into the net (:   My Grandson Wyatt did just that last week off the dock . While bring in a lunch size walleye Mr. Pike came screaming to the fighting fish and grabbed on . Dad was able to video and land both walleye and pike for Wyatt . Well done Sam !

43 inches , perhaps a little longer , holds the honor so far this spring . Pat G was one of these guys that pushed to magic 40 inch mark along with about 7 or 8 others so far .

Bass moved up into the shallows around  the first week of June and continued to get better as time went on . It now appears that our average bass landed runs around 17 / 18 inches ! This is one impressive average even for Lac Seul . In the last few years we have seen a great increase not only in size but in numbers , for these hard fighting fish . Pound for pound , nothing fights harder then these bronze footballs !

It's CANADA DAY TODAY , July 1st . A 150 years young , but the history we have made is fabulous . From inventions made in Canada to our Troops in the Armed Services , we are and should be proud as Canadians .

Now lets see what the next few months will bring as to the weather , fishing and who will tip the scales with their trophy's

Stay safe out on the water ! Until next time , keep a tight line .

Shane and the Crew at Lost Island Lodge

2016 , another Great Lac Seul Adventure .

Starting with the Hoving and the Weyandt groups in May to the Zimmermann group in late September , the fishing was what you would expect from Lac Seul ,,,,and better !

Sam was guiding Patrice and Kerry on one of the last days of our season . Their day ended with 97 walleye , 4 pike and 25 bass between 18 and 21 inches . Not bad for only 3 fishing . Ken Hoving started the season as good or better as did Jim Weyandt and brothers . Toni Orsini landed his first musky , a vary nice 49 incher . Basil Shattler our gude added a 31+ inch walleye to his score board too . Walleyes between 23 to 29 iches were in the thousands and the same can be said about the best eatter's and keepers between 15 and 18 inches , thousands ! I agree , it sounds crazy but it's true and that's what makes it even crazier !

So many great groups with to short a season , names like Gravley , Hoving , Weyandt , Towmsend , Robinson , Juba , Janicki , Gibson , Beaman , Miller ,Gryboski , Dreyer , Olson , Sment , Denny , Pollard , Wagner ,Braun , Ryan , Smurthwaite , Frohbieter , Weckwearth , Zeiger , Holly , Lang , Skims , Boss , Zimmerman and so many more , this but a few we call friends ! Many names I just could not add to the list but still a wonderful part of Lost Islands family , but there is one name that not only is a great friend and guest and brings more fishermen then any other , a leader of men and not a bad guide (: Bobby Janssen . From family and the friends to the great companies that come with Bob and Braun always put a smile on my face . The Lac Seul adventure lives in their tales of each days closing . Like most if not all , we are treated to their stories of who landed the biggest , who landed the most or how they would never have landed the fish if not for the worlds greatest netter (true with Dreisen party) It is this moment each day that makes our jobs the best job you could ask for !

The fishing season relating to the weather was not a normal weather pattern but that said with only a few hot days followed by cooler days made for a nice summer . If there was one thing that was a bit of a pain , that would be the wind !! A lot more wind then what we would see on a average summer . If the weather man called for 9 mph as Basil would say " you can *** well bet it's going to be ******* 20 mph (:    And most offten it was true . Good weather or bad stormy weather the walleye stayed on the bite and That's do to our guides and Lac Seul being the great fishery that it is !

We added new 150 and 175 Hp  Yamaha motors to the guide boats . We also added some more 50 Hp Yamaha motors on Alumacraft boats , adding new Hummingbird fish finders too . More on order as the guest loved the 50 on the new 18ft .

As great as the fishing season was our hunting season was not ! If it were not for bad luck we would not have had any luck at all . As most of you know from our evening chats on the deck over looking the main docks , that a few years back we had two back to back tough winters where we lost a great part of our deer herd and so I have been keeping our hunters down to around a dozen each fall . Guys like Steve and JP , 23 years and counting plus McCall and his group , Bob , Ricky and the Pa boys . In all 11 hunters this fall , 7 of the 11 had big bucks in sight . But for a tree being in the way or just not looking left as the Old Guy stepped out of the shooting lane . Bob hit the top of the hill over looking his shooting lane only to see a vary tall white tipped 10 pointer walk off into the forest (just a few seconds sooner...) Bigger and better next year !! Sadly we had a couple wounded ,but one for sure will make it , just a nick and maybe both .  I purchased a new rifle and told myself " the first will only be a Wall Hanger" well nothing on the wall . I only hunted 3 full days and 4 part days but durring my walks spotted many deer . Tracked and jumped some big bucks but no shot , a 8 point was the best and never knew I was there , next year , right !! I seen many doe's with 2 and some with as many as 3 fawns making for a good forcast . What would we look forward to if not for hunting season ? As you just read , I never fired a shot this fall and yet it was a wonderful time for me . If I harvest a big buck it's a bonus ! You have all seen the photo of the foot prints Jesus makes in the sand , but I see them more offten in the snow !

It may have been the hunting season of bad luck but a good time was had by all and like them I too am looking forward already to next years Whitetail  hunting season .


Wolf Hunts

Soon the first of Sams wolf hunters will be sitting in their blinds (heater on) and by the trail cams it should be a good season . Some big males are returning to the baits offten and durring daylight . Many times you have more night time photos but these guys are bold . Also one looks as if it's a vary large female , 120 Ibs I'm guessing or more . All baits being hit . Now the only problem I see is the wound and broken bones in Sams right foot from the axe skipping off a log . Now infection is the big worry , making a trip every 12 hours to the hospital for IV induced antibiotics . He's young and they heal fast or so I hope because you know who will be taking over all the baiting (:  The wolf hunts are looking good !!!

Jan. 1st 2017 a new year  and sure to be a great one too . We wishes all nothing but the vary best for the coming year . Stay safe .

Your Friends at Lost Island

July and the weather !

The summer with out a weather pattern ! From mid 80F to 43F , sunny and calm to Thunderstorms and wind back to a light chop and sunshine ! The pattern this year is NO PATTERN ! This has added some challenges for the fishermen , still catching fish and in numbers most days . But it may be late afternoon before the big fish come back up onto the reef . This is the challenge , finding bigger fish first thing in the morning after a night of lightning and heavy winds with rain that looks like a wall quicksilver coming at you .

But then , 2 maybe 3 days of the same weather then look out , the morning bite is on !! Big walleye on the first reef and every other one you fish ! Many , many walleye between 23 and 27 inch , a good numbers over the 28 inch . (Little Shane , a 28 and !/2 last week ) Basils follow boat , Ted and Bill had 12 walleyes over 24 inch Bill said of yesterdays outting . Sam landed a 29 and 3/4 yesterday (July 25th),   vary nice walleye but still short of the that "hard to reach and  magical " 30+ inch walleye . They also add a 26" a 27" and a few around the 25" mark to their catch .

Today we are enjoying a light chop with clear blue sky . The light wind will help with the 80+ in the sun temp and add to the walleye bite . Little Shane just landed a 30 inch pike off the dock just before the 40+ pike moved into the shallow water by the dock to see what all the commotion was about . Looked at his freshly baited jig then slowly sank back into the darker deep waters . A few cast with a Bobby bait and this big pike was back . But she still would not take his jig ):  Work called and so she is safe for now ,,,, before our next attack (:

So far this week has gave us great numbers of walleye and some good size fish and a few trophy walleye too . The real big pike (other then the dock fish) have not shown themselves much as of yet . That said , the week is far from over ! I think the best pike so far this week is only a 38 inch , a fun fish !

That about covers it for this week . Remember , tight lines and keep it safe out on the water .

Shane and the gang of Lost Island



Late May and June 2016

The season started late , May 21st this year and the ice out  was early !

The weather has been strange , warn to hot one day then storms and cold the next day . Fish to be in shallow water in May and mid June but we found them one day in 5 feet and the next day hammered them at 20+ feet , strange !!! Now July 10th and it is still not stable weather !

Jim Weyandt big group (16) did real well the last week of May . Jim would tell you it was his guiding skills ! It may have been ???? Hahaaa , sorry Jim ! Gary and friend were with Basil and so did vary well (May) Ufer , well King James as we call him found the fish as they always do ! He may have had some help , the King !  As I said it was and still is today a mixed up fishing pattern , big fish and lots of numbers then the next day just numbers. 15 to 23 inch walleye .We have yet to put one over 30 inch into the boat for a C&R , close , a few 29+ , many 25 to 28+ but no 30 yet . My Grandson who is 6 years old gave me fishing leason the other night with his first fish being 28 and his 2nd being a 24+ . Our evening fishing got cut short , hook in the arm of one of the guest needed to be removed . Besides he was whipping me to bad anyway , time to call it a night thankfully (: Past his bedtime !!!

June held the same "No Pattern" as May , weather and fish . Still finding them one day in 5 feet the next in 25 feet ???? Yesterday July 9th , Basil found lots of nice fish back in the shallow water , 8 feet ! It's just a crazy year so far . Dean Van Mulm , new to the area but fishing with Jay Gravley group found out how good Lac Seul can be , thanks to Jay . Dean also was suprised by the biggest pike he ever saw , a 46 on his wall and stated this one was much bigger . Helps get the blood pressure up ! Steve Dreyer landed a big toothy critter with his fly rod , a great fight ! So many others to name like Tony Orsini who landed a 48+ Musky on his walleye rod . Many of these have been posted on Face Book ! Other photos still to come , you know how you are (:  Mike Hess and Grandson Jorden had a great video of Jordens 29 inch walleye . We hope to get this and other new video's posted soon to the web site . The season has been a busy one and that is always a good thing . So many of our friends rebook for the next season so as not to lose their spot . Dale Olsen , Tim Boggess , Terry , Lisa Townsend and friends and family , Juba , Robertson , Kniseley and many more will tell you that even a slow day on Lac Seul is still better then most other lakes they have fished and we know the worst day of fishing is way better then working .(:

Now that I have the new code to get into our web server I hope to be able to post more offten ! Watch for the postings on Face Book , new photo's all the time or sroll back through to the start of 2016 pictures , always fun to see other's with nice fish ! We will post your too !!!

Looking forward to Bob Janssen and his crew of 22 or more guys next week , some good pictures will come from those boys . So many guest that are now our friends still to come and with them more stories and photo's .

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer , best of luck on the water .

From the crew at Lost Island Lodge






June fishing has been great with large numbers of walleye being caught off the dock.


Can it only be February , really ?

They say " Time waits for no Man" , I guess this is right , but could we get to spring already !! You and I have walleye waiting and it's only February .  Sure we can sit in a shack on the ice and hope a fish comes by the hole we drilled ! Nothing and I mean nothing is better then a sunny spring day with the sun on your back and a walleye on the rod . The freshness of spring with the scent of new growth filling the air , as you glide into a spring walleye bay and knowing that this is your moment , your day !

3 months , I guess it's not that far off to the walleye opener , May 21st  !   We can watch others catching fish on TV , helps some !!!  In fact  Babe Winkelman and my son Sam , who most of you know ! Their show aired a week or so ago , earlier in some parts of the USA . Wild TV had it . It's always fun when you know the person you are watching . My brother Jim and I made some of the vary first shows Babe ever but on TV . Babe first meet Sam when Sam was about 4 years old ,  Sam even slipped into the back ground during one of the camera shots , age 5 . He and Babe have had a special relationship over these last 20 years . I think that Babe knew from the start just how much Sam loved to fish and the friendship grew from that . They do have that  in common , the love of the great outdoors plus fishing and hunting !

As I said before ,  this helps to pass thelong cold snowy days of winter ( in North Western Ontario they are LONG) but still not the same as being in that calm bay as the sun comes over the trees ,  bring the promise of your first walleye of the day !

Sam has been fishing for trout , walleye and crappie this winter and so I have fresh fish to dine on with out getting cold ( Canadian winds and flying snow) I will wait until March when the sun has a few more BTU's in it  (:   We will head up to Lac Seul in March to check on the lodge and force ourselves to deep frie some fresh walleye . At this time I can see light at the end of the tunnel , spring is getting close !

It's now 10:00 pm and I can check off another day closer to the walleye opener and the sun on my back !

Stay safe my Friends and remember , your true Ontario walleye experience starts with a trip to Lac Seul .

The summer that was !


Yes I'm late in making this report  , so shoot me (:   Yes we got some shooting in too !

2015 can only be called a "Great Season "  First off the fishing held from good to "Oh my God" great !  Add the worlds best guest (friends) and you have a winning summer in my book ! 

Where to start ? Well nothing new here , Basil and Sam did what they always do by putting fishermen/person's on fish !  Others like Janssen , Juba , Holly , Townsend ,Behren , Haiders and too many others to name , all put themselves on some fantastic fishing too . Now not to say that they never got some help from "dock guiding" , this is where we "mark the map" for the guest . Sam and Basil need to be commended for doing this ! By giving up their fishing spots they are sometimes a little late getting there only to find the guest banging walleye already !  No problem , there are many more hot spots and these guys know where they are !!!

Some large walleye were landed and returned to the water this summer . 5 over 30 inches . Many pike in the 40+ range with a 46 incher being the best . (it may have been a 47 incher) I'm sure I will be corrected if I'm wrong ! Bass fishing this past June was better then ever . Ask the Crick / Gable party . These guys know how to add big numbers each and everyday . Although Sam did take Mark out after supper one night and introduced him to what Mark is now calling his favorite hot spot !  2  , 21+ inch bass held the top honors   Many 16 to 18 inch bass , many !!

More musky then normal I would say . We don't target musky all that much but landed a good number while jigging for walleye . The guys that did head out hunting these big girls had bad days and good days and this is normal for musky fishermen . 2 over the magic 50 inch number .

I even made a few sorties myself this summer . One was with a long time friend Bill Shasssere and a few of his first time to Lac Seul fishermen . Bill showed me "size" this one day but I showed his boat numbers and Ezrah landed the 27 or 28 incher in my boat too (:  Good times !   I even had the fly rod fishermen one day . Now that's working way to hard when there is a spinning rod and a jig in the boat !  But they loved it !!! One of my best guiding days was with the Grandson , Shane . Not a day of guiding but we did sneak away from camp duties for a hour and we even let his Mother come too . Little Shane landed a 25 inch walleye , Annie a 23 inch and Old Pappy with only a 19 incher !  If my bow line had been about 50 feet longer we could have tied up to the generator building . No need to treavel to far when you  have great fishermen in your boat , like a 5 year old .

The summer weather was also quit good , not to many hot days , vary few . That said I was fishing on a couple of them with a old friend from" back in the day" Shaun and the Queen of pike fishing , Kim .  Still we did have fun catching up on what we both had been doing these past years ( too many years)  .                                                                                                                 Sadly the wind was more prevalent  then what we would have on a average season . Many more windy days then what we like to see . Not the typhoon type winds , but those 10 to 15 mph that make it hard to fish some of your honey holes . We may  not have had  typhoons ,  but we did get a couple storms that kept some folks in the cabins reading or playing pocker ! This happens ever year and a couple of bad wind days is normal  . But over all it was a windy summer !  Still it was nothing like the storms down south thankfully .

For me this was another great summer . The old back held out for the whole season and I got to see many folks that I call my friends . But this could never happen with out the help of my wonderful staff , Thanks to Basil and Vivian , Genny , Sam and Mr." B"  !  One draw back is Vivian over feeding me and the dog Suzy , knowing we can never turn down her fantastic meals or her home made deserts , NEVER !!!

I thank my luck stars for being 1 of the 3 lodges on this end of this huge lake we call Lac Seul . I'm already looking forward to this coming summer and welcoming back our many friends ! Sadly we lost a couple friends this year and they will be missed . So the rest of you please take care and be safe this winter .

Lost Island Lodge , The Hayes Family and staff

Why us Oh Fish Gods ?

 Why Us ?     That my friends is what John , sons and grandson were asking them selves as they sat on the side of the road with berrings smoking on their boat trailer . This would have been on Sat. the 8th , Monday they would once again be headed to Lost Island for some fun fishing times .Grandson's first trip ! They did get a few hours in before night closed in on them Monday . Tuesday it was off for a early start to gain back lost fishing time ! A hour later they limped in on the trolling motor . Water pump went out on the big motor ! A few phone calls later and a new one would be at the shop at 8:00 am Tuesday  ! I told them to just go ahead and use one of our boats  , no charge  , but they opted to fish right around the island using the troller . When they came in they had done ok , some shore lunch size , some slot fish and a few over . Next morning Sam pulled them to the landing and off to the dealer for repaires ,,,,,only to find the part had NOT been shipped . No fault of the dealer , the warehouse had not sent it out "Oh sorry" they said !! Returning to camp with heads hung low I once again offered a boat to use , (we do have a first time Grandson here ! ) and off they went , fishing for the rest of the day . The next day they hired Sam to guide them in his boat . To quote John the next day "Sam saved the trip !  Lots of fish , good size too and a happy Grandson "   I ask you the reader "how was your day" darn good now , right !

I'm happy to say that everyone other then these poor folks , had a good week . It did get a little to warm and still some days but fish were still feeding . The numbers stayed high but the real big walleye were hiding . 27.5 was top walleye , 37 in pike . That held until Larry Rogers of Ryan showed up on Friday afternoon . By evening Larry had boated a 29 inch and not to forget the 1/8 th (This could be the money fish) and the 1/8 could be worth a couple hundred (: 

Basil keeps running out of minnows , good sign as he leaves with all buckets full . numbers over 150 each day. Terry Stone said "Best trip ever"  8 times he has been here and it keeps getting better Terry added . Nate and Jeff also agreed ! Thanks to Nate we also have photos that I will post vary soon , thanks Nate !   Rick Bartelt and son along with another Jeff , made their fist trip to Lost Island and Lac Seul . It was not long before they had Lac Seul down pat and were landing fish . They spent a great day on the water with Sam , coming home with numbers around 150 fish . Jake said it was "Really good " with a big smile on his face . Rick and Jeff added that the shore lunch was fantastic ! The next day we marked the map and off they went on their own and when they returned Jake had a story about the monster musky that came to the boat but only to look !  Later a musky rolled in front of the trolling motor as they cast for pike . Strange fish these musky !! 

George and the "Couples trip" did well even if the first day was a "We had to work for them " . The next day George guided them north to a wonderfull day of catching , good numbers and good size too . I think the girls may have out fished the guys . This may have been the reason Joe stuck the knife into his wrist while cleaning the girls fish !!! We did get the blood stoped , the leck shored up with out a trip to town and a doctor !

The Konsela family trip was also a success and no more so then when apond returning from the days fishing the boys used Dads trolling motor to fish the point (150 yds from main dock ) . 32 walleyes , one 25 1/2 , one 23  and both big fish where as Spencer pointed out landed by him (:  

Also in the good news department , the heatwave is over !!! Mid 70's to mid 60's or so say the weatherman ! He has gotten it right once before (:  This is looking to be a vary good week ahead for those of us lucky enough to be fishing  North western Ontarios best wallye lake , Lac Seul !  Lets not forget the big Northern Pike and those 18 inch plus bass !

Stay safe out on the water , rod tip up , don't loss that big one !

Until next time.

The rest of the story

Well it was printed and sent ! Where it went I have no idea ! (Rest of the story)

The Musky pictures went on Facebook as did some nice walleye and pike photos too . The week was a vary good week for size and numbers but that is what  Lac Seul is all about !

I remember Lucas saying he started the trip with a 24 inch walleye and his last fish was a 24 inch walleye ! I also know that he , Greg , Rick and Logan landed many many more over slot and one around the 27 / 28 inch mark .

The Janssen Friends and Family trip was as always a fun time . Couple new folks that found out what Lac Seul is about and why Bobby comes here with the family and again with his customers ! Braun Intertec and Ryan Co.,Arnt Construction along with Frattalone Co. All fun guys that catch a lot of fish and big ones too .

John Raitt landed at Sioux Lookout airport where we picked him and the others up for a few days of fishing . Basil had them on walleye before the day was over !

The week was a good one , lots of fish , some weather but for the most part a great week to be on the water .


Aug 1 to 8th

Opening the week with a 30Ib musky , landed once again by Steve Smurthwaite , Grandkids with mid to high 30's in the pike ! High 20's on the walleye board !  That's  just for opener's . And we are just getting started , more to come ! Ontario , walleye , northern pike , bass and musky too , what's not to like !

Stay tuned for "The rest of the story !

Missed week July 25th to Aug 1

Fishing was good , the web site not so good . A wrench in the works as they say . Cell service was down for 4 days and the server changed my internet address (: But we are back .

The Christian family and friends were here , 14 of them and that made for a fun time ! Sam had them on walleyes and filled them up at shore lunch too .

Basil put the Pollard party on fish and if I remeber correctly Bill had the money fish with a 27+ walleye . Ted took the pike cash and dash ! BJ had his son up for the first time and could be the young mans last time too . I think maybe he out fished Dad on size . I could be wrong and I'm sure BJ will let me know if I am !!

The Boss Man was here with his family . First time Matt has had them here , but not the last time now !!! They did shore lunch down on the dock at the BBQ & fish cooker pit area where I helped out ,,,,,and made sure I got my share of fresh walleye for my troubles  (:

Luc and his crew did well right out in front of the camp on the big flats . I think that a 28 1/4 was the one that Luc was trying to beat ! 

Gregg , his son and daughter also had time on the water with Basil , great numbers of walleye but Greggs 41 inch pike was a "New Best" for him . A great C&R  !

Cory had some friends up too , Rick and his Dad Butch along with "I got the biggest each day" son Evan ! Yes Evan out did the old guys on his first trip to Ontario walleye fishing . 25 inch walleyes on a couple days ! 

It was a windy week for sure and it made staying on the fish harder for the guys but I know Basil was out of minnows most everyday and Sam was running through 30+ doz each day with the big gang . Raun was here with his 9 guys and they ran up the big numbers on walleye . If it were not for all the wind we had it could only be called a great week ! The fishing was great but not the weather . There is a "walleye Chop " and then there's the "Dorothy and Toto Kansas winds"  But it's all fun when chasing Ontario walleyes ,,,,and catching them !

On to this week next time ! Until then remember , have fun , respect the waters of Lac Seul and all she gives us ! But most important ,stay safe !

July 18th , a warm week too

Some rain , some wind and a lot of sunshine !

Kansas City Mike and his crew were here this past week .As always , they racked up some big numbers on the walleye said  , plus Gene put a big old Pike (42 inch) in the boat . Basil said it was over 23 Ibs . Tanya ,  Tim and family were with us for their first trip and are already planing next years adventure on Ontario's best walleye lake , Lac Seul  !  Looking forward to their return  ! The DiLorenzo boys were back and had a couple awesome days with Sam . Over 200 landed in one day gets a "awesome"  , plus the first day was almost as good . Sam also had Jon Erbes boys earlier in the week and they slamed the walleye along with a few pike . The Dreisen, Hass and Narlock Guys made their July trip to Ontario and toured Lac Seul for the hot spots . Dan pulled their winning walleye out on the vary last drop down. The jig/minnow hit the bottom and a 26.5 took the bait , Dan took the money (:   Edging Chuck out of first place by a 1/4 !!! As it was Brad Klimers first trip to Lac Seul and fishing walleye this far north he and Brent , along with Rodger thought they should hire a guide . Basil and Sam are booked most every day and so they got the short straw , I went with them !!! We had a fun day with a lot of nice fish 16 to 25 inch .Ended the day north of 120 fish . The next day they took my track back up the lake only so they could boat a couple bigger walleye then my 25 inch and again Brad said "over a 100" This was their fist trip to lac Seul so you see why it's called Ontario's best walleye drive-to lake

Cam Susan and Clare were back again . Cam got to the dock here at camp and was out for a late afternoon "need supper fish" just as the rain started . This never slowed them down , 2 good walleye , 26 and a 27.5 plus a few between 19 and 23 inch . The supper size were the tough ones to catch (15 to 16 inch ) but they had fish for supper on their first day .They went on to boat a few more big fish , 25 to 27 but the first afternoons 27 and a 1/2 held up as their big walleye . Clare landed some good take home pike and a few slot ones too .

Basil spent the week with Kansas Mike and as always they did extremely well (always do )  Sam put Jon on the fish for the first part of the week and then finished out the last 3 days with Mark D and had a great day followed by a couple awesome days . Where I had a good day with Rodger Dodger and Brent . They split the day in my boat and Brad followed with his Ranger . Now I think I should get a point for the fish they got the next 4 days as it was my map marking or as we call it  "Guiding from the dock "  JUST SAYING !

I have fished hundreds of North West Ontarios many lakes but would never consider guiding on any other lake besides Lac Seul . Guiding here is fun and that is what we had this week at Lost Island , FUN ! Thanks to Brad , Brent and Rodger for getting me on the water (: To all the others last week , thanks , enjoy the rest of the summer but do so safely

Your friends at Lost Island all said Hello             THIS WEEKS BEST  walleye 28 1/4  , pike 42 , bass 18 inches

July 11 th to 18 th 2015


The week of "Guess the weather"  !  Rain , sun shine , thunder , wind and lighting . Thank you God we are on Lac Seul and as Lac Seul always does , she came through with the fish still feeding . A few slow days after the heavy thunder storms but then a slow day on Lac Seul is better then most days on any other lakes . Early in the week there were some that where crying in their beer " can't catch any small walleye for lunch" What a problem to have ! Yes they did end up with those 15 and 17 inch lunchers ! Sam being one of them . He called me and ask if I could catch a few small ones off the dock for him (the plan was to lunch back here out of the rain ) 15 minutes later a call " just landed a 23 , 2 - 24 , a 25 and a 27 inch walleye's , still need some small ones !

Tommy was the musky whisper guy this week with 3 . On beging in Sam's words a "Holy Crap" looks like a battleship ! One smacked it right at the boat , got off at the boat too ):  Still it was fun !

The week never put any monsters onboard but 23 to 27 inch where well in the numbers . The average still being the 16 to 20 inch , but all have shoulders , fat healthy fish that fight hard . Walleye fishing in Ontario is good but Lac Seul shines as one of the vary best . I love this lake as do my guides (: It makes life much better when you know that you will catch fish for your guest . The guides , like some of the guest too  ,  are spoiled !   If Basil or Sam come home after a rotten day of only 50 or 75 walleye they trip over their lips their so upset ! Spoiled !  A good sign I guess ?

I escaped for a few days . I had to take the new generator down for warranty work . Tim and I had fun getting that 800 Ib Gorilla into the boat  , NOT !

The camp is full tomorrow with fine folks from Kansas , Wisconson , California , Minnesota  and Iowa , should be another fun week , with less storms I hope !!

Stay safe on the water

Shane and the Lost Island Lodge crew


July 7th 2015

The sun was out in full force making for a wonderful day on the water !  The walleye were also out in full force as you would expect on Ontario best walleye lake and Lac Seul came through like it  is known for doing !  29 1/4 took top honors  , 27 and a few between 24 and 26 inches . But great numbers of 16 to 22 was the average yesterday , with guides reporting around a 100 per boat . Walleye fishing on Lac Seul just gets better each year .

Lac Seul , Lost Island Lodge , Ontario walleye fishing at it;s best !

Have fun on the water but keep it safe.

Shane and staff

June , numbers and size

     June , 2015

The month of June proved to be , as always , a great time of the year to visit Lac Seul for some great Ontario walleye fishing . Not only did we do vary well with great numbers of walleye each day , the size was there also !  The photos on Face Book speak for them selves . Many over 25 inches , 4 over 30 inches with a avaerage being around the 18 to 23 inches . These are nice fat walleye that Lac Seul is known for !

We don't fish for musky a lot but John and his son Sam did ! Sam boated a 51.5 incher , well done !  And on the 10th cast of the first day !!! They rounded out the trip with some of Lac Seul's pike and big walleye ,,,,on musky baits !

The resort (Lodge) had the first guest come in on Friday May 15th ready for a walleye shore lunch the following day and did just that ! All and all June was a comfortable month temp wise , not to hot and not to cold . The rain went around us most of the time and so that was not a problem . The problem came on the days when the walleye where to big , yes to big ! Finding smaller fish for shore lunch was the problem but that is fun problem to have !

Being this is the first shot at doing the fish report , thanks to the Fort Frances Times getting me the instructions , I will make this short report and see if I have done it this right .

With luck (: another report soon.

Stay safe on the water


March 30

The fish are still biting really really good.  We had a great time... 

March 28

The fish are biting really really good.