July 11 th to 18 th 2015


The week of "Guess the weather"  !  Rain , sun shine , thunder , wind and lighting . Thank you God we are on Lac Seul and as Lac Seul always does , she came through with the fish still feeding . A few slow days after the heavy thunder storms but then a slow day on Lac Seul is better then most days on any other lakes . Early in the week there were some that where crying in their beer " can't catch any small walleye for lunch" What a problem to have ! Yes they did end up with those 15 and 17 inch lunchers ! Sam being one of them . He called me and ask if I could catch a few small ones off the dock for him (the plan was to lunch back here out of the rain ) 15 minutes later a call " just landed a 23 , 2 - 24 , a 25 and a 27 inch walleye's , still need some small ones !

Tommy was the musky whisper guy this week with 3 . On beging in Sam's words a "Holy Crap" looks like a battleship ! One smacked it right at the boat , got off at the boat too ):  Still it was fun !

The week never put any monsters onboard but 23 to 27 inch where well in the numbers . The average still being the 16 to 20 inch , but all have shoulders , fat healthy fish that fight hard . Walleye fishing in Ontario is good but Lac Seul shines as one of the vary best . I love this lake as do my guides (: It makes life much better when you know that you will catch fish for your guest . The guides , like some of the guest too  ,  are spoiled !   If Basil or Sam come home after a rotten day of only 50 or 75 walleye they trip over their lips their so upset ! Spoiled !  A good sign I guess ?

I escaped for a few days . I had to take the new generator down for warranty work . Tim and I had fun getting that 800 Ib Gorilla into the boat  , NOT !

The camp is full tomorrow with fine folks from Kansas , Wisconson , California , Minnesota  and Iowa , should be another fun week , with less storms I hope !!

Stay safe on the water

Shane and the Lost Island Lodge crew