July 18th , a warm week too

Some rain , some wind and a lot of sunshine !

Kansas City Mike and his crew were here this past week .As always , they racked up some big numbers on the walleye said  , plus Gene put a big old Pike (42 inch) in the boat . Basil said it was over 23 Ibs . Tanya ,  Tim and family were with us for their first trip and are already planing next years adventure on Ontario's best walleye lake , Lac Seul  !  Looking forward to their return  ! The DiLorenzo boys were back and had a couple awesome days with Sam . Over 200 landed in one day gets a "awesome"  , plus the first day was almost as good . Sam also had Jon Erbes boys earlier in the week and they slamed the walleye along with a few pike . The Dreisen, Hass and Narlock Guys made their July trip to Ontario and toured Lac Seul for the hot spots . Dan pulled their winning walleye out on the vary last drop down. The jig/minnow hit the bottom and a 26.5 took the bait , Dan took the money (:   Edging Chuck out of first place by a 1/4 !!! As it was Brad Klimers first trip to Lac Seul and fishing walleye this far north he and Brent , along with Rodger thought they should hire a guide . Basil and Sam are booked most every day and so they got the short straw , I went with them !!! We had a fun day with a lot of nice fish 16 to 25 inch .Ended the day north of 120 fish . The next day they took my track back up the lake only so they could boat a couple bigger walleye then my 25 inch and again Brad said "over a 100" This was their fist trip to lac Seul so you see why it's called Ontario's best walleye drive-to lake

Cam Susan and Clare were back again . Cam got to the dock here at camp and was out for a late afternoon "need supper fish" just as the rain started . This never slowed them down , 2 good walleye , 26 and a 27.5 plus a few between 19 and 23 inch . The supper size were the tough ones to catch (15 to 16 inch ) but they had fish for supper on their first day .They went on to boat a few more big fish , 25 to 27 but the first afternoons 27 and a 1/2 held up as their big walleye . Clare landed some good take home pike and a few slot ones too .

Basil spent the week with Kansas Mike and as always they did extremely well (always do )  Sam put Jon on the fish for the first part of the week and then finished out the last 3 days with Mark D and had a great day followed by a couple awesome days . Where I had a good day with Rodger Dodger and Brent . They split the day in my boat and Brad followed with his Ranger . Now I think I should get a point for the fish they got the next 4 days as it was my map marking or as we call it  "Guiding from the dock "  JUST SAYING !

I have fished hundreds of North West Ontarios many lakes but would never consider guiding on any other lake besides Lac Seul . Guiding here is fun and that is what we had this week at Lost Island , FUN ! Thanks to Brad , Brent and Rodger for getting me on the water (: To all the others last week , thanks , enjoy the rest of the summer but do so safely

Your friends at Lost Island all said Hello             THIS WEEKS BEST  walleye 28 1/4  , pike 42 , bass 18 inches