July and the weather !

The summer with out a weather pattern ! From mid 80F to 43F , sunny and calm to Thunderstorms and wind back to a light chop and sunshine ! The pattern this year is NO PATTERN ! This has added some challenges for the fishermen , still catching fish and in numbers most days . But it may be late afternoon before the big fish come back up onto the reef . This is the challenge , finding bigger fish first thing in the morning after a night of lightning and heavy winds with rain that looks like a wall quicksilver coming at you .

But then , 2 maybe 3 days of the same weather then look out , the morning bite is on !! Big walleye on the first reef and every other one you fish ! Many , many walleye between 23 and 27 inch , a good numbers over the 28 inch . (Little Shane , a 28 and !/2 last week ) Basils follow boat , Ted and Bill had 12 walleyes over 24 inch Bill said of yesterdays outting . Sam landed a 29 and 3/4 yesterday (July 25th),   vary nice walleye but still short of the that "hard to reach and  magical " 30+ inch walleye . They also add a 26" a 27" and a few around the 25" mark to their catch .

Today we are enjoying a light chop with clear blue sky . The light wind will help with the 80+ in the sun temp and add to the walleye bite . Little Shane just landed a 30 inch pike off the dock just before the 40+ pike moved into the shallow water by the dock to see what all the commotion was about . Looked at his freshly baited jig then slowly sank back into the darker deep waters . A few cast with a Bobby bait and this big pike was back . But she still would not take his jig ):  Work called and so she is safe for now ,,,, before our next attack (:

So far this week has gave us great numbers of walleye and some good size fish and a few trophy walleye too . The real big pike (other then the dock fish) have not shown themselves much as of yet . That said , the week is far from over ! I think the best pike so far this week is only a 38 inch , a fun fish !

That about covers it for this week . Remember , tight lines and keep it safe out on the water .

Shane and the gang of Lost Island