Late May and June 2016

The season started late , May 21st this year and the ice out  was early !

The weather has been strange , warn to hot one day then storms and cold the next day . Fish to be in shallow water in May and mid June but we found them one day in 5 feet and the next day hammered them at 20+ feet , strange !!! Now July 10th and it is still not stable weather !

Jim Weyandt big group (16) did real well the last week of May . Jim would tell you it was his guiding skills ! It may have been ???? Hahaaa , sorry Jim ! Gary and friend were with Basil and so did vary well (May) Ufer , well King James as we call him found the fish as they always do ! He may have had some help , the King !  As I said it was and still is today a mixed up fishing pattern , big fish and lots of numbers then the next day just numbers. 15 to 23 inch walleye .We have yet to put one over 30 inch into the boat for a C&R , close , a few 29+ , many 25 to 28+ but no 30 yet . My Grandson who is 6 years old gave me fishing leason the other night with his first fish being 28 and his 2nd being a 24+ . Our evening fishing got cut short , hook in the arm of one of the guest needed to be removed . Besides he was whipping me to bad anyway , time to call it a night thankfully (: Past his bedtime !!!

June held the same "No Pattern" as May , weather and fish . Still finding them one day in 5 feet the next in 25 feet ???? Yesterday July 9th , Basil found lots of nice fish back in the shallow water , 8 feet ! It's just a crazy year so far . Dean Van Mulm , new to the area but fishing with Jay Gravley group found out how good Lac Seul can be , thanks to Jay . Dean also was suprised by the biggest pike he ever saw , a 46 on his wall and stated this one was much bigger . Helps get the blood pressure up ! Steve Dreyer landed a big toothy critter with his fly rod , a great fight ! So many others to name like Tony Orsini who landed a 48+ Musky on his walleye rod . Many of these have been posted on Face Book ! Other photos still to come , you know how you are (:  Mike Hess and Grandson Jorden had a great video of Jordens 29 inch walleye . We hope to get this and other new video's posted soon to the web site . The season has been a busy one and that is always a good thing . So many of our friends rebook for the next season so as not to lose their spot . Dale Olsen , Tim Boggess , Terry , Lisa Townsend and friends and family , Juba , Robertson , Kniseley and many more will tell you that even a slow day on Lac Seul is still better then most other lakes they have fished and we know the worst day of fishing is way better then working .(:

Now that I have the new code to get into our web server I hope to be able to post more offten ! Watch for the postings on Face Book , new photo's all the time or sroll back through to the start of 2016 pictures , always fun to see other's with nice fish ! We will post your too !!!

Looking forward to Bob Janssen and his crew of 22 or more guys next week , some good pictures will come from those boys . So many guest that are now our friends still to come and with them more stories and photo's .

I hope everyone has a safe and enjoyable summer , best of luck on the water .

From the crew at Lost Island Lodge