Missed week July 25th to Aug 1

Fishing was good , the web site not so good . A wrench in the works as they say . Cell service was down for 4 days and the server changed my internet address (: But we are back .

The Christian family and friends were here , 14 of them and that made for a fun time ! Sam had them on walleyes and filled them up at shore lunch too .

Basil put the Pollard party on fish and if I remeber correctly Bill had the money fish with a 27+ walleye . Ted took the pike cash and dash ! BJ had his son up for the first time and could be the young mans last time too . I think maybe he out fished Dad on size . I could be wrong and I'm sure BJ will let me know if I am !!

The Boss Man was here with his family . First time Matt has had them here , but not the last time now !!! They did shore lunch down on the dock at the BBQ & fish cooker pit area where I helped out ,,,,,and made sure I got my share of fresh walleye for my troubles  (:

Luc and his crew did well right out in front of the camp on the big flats . I think that a 28 1/4 was the one that Luc was trying to beat ! 

Gregg , his son and daughter also had time on the water with Basil , great numbers of walleye but Greggs 41 inch pike was a "New Best" for him . A great C&R  !

Cory had some friends up too , Rick and his Dad Butch along with "I got the biggest each day" son Evan ! Yes Evan out did the old guys on his first trip to Ontario walleye fishing . 25 inch walleyes on a couple days ! 

It was a windy week for sure and it made staying on the fish harder for the guys but I know Basil was out of minnows most everyday and Sam was running through 30+ doz each day with the big gang . Raun was here with his 9 guys and they ran up the big numbers on walleye . If it were not for all the wind we had it could only be called a great week ! The fishing was great but not the weather . There is a "walleye Chop " and then there's the "Dorothy and Toto Kansas winds"  But it's all fun when chasing Ontario walleyes ,,,,and catching them !

On to this week next time ! Until then remember , have fun , respect the waters of Lac Seul and all she gives us ! But most important ,stay safe !