The rest of the story

Well it was printed and sent ! Where it went I have no idea ! (Rest of the story)

The Musky pictures went on Facebook as did some nice walleye and pike photos too . The week was a vary good week for size and numbers but that is what  Lac Seul is all about !

I remember Lucas saying he started the trip with a 24 inch walleye and his last fish was a 24 inch walleye ! I also know that he , Greg , Rick and Logan landed many many more over slot and one around the 27 / 28 inch mark .

The Janssen Friends and Family trip was as always a fun time . Couple new folks that found out what Lac Seul is about and why Bobby comes here with the family and again with his customers ! Braun Intertec and Ryan Co.,Arnt Construction along with Frattalone Co. All fun guys that catch a lot of fish and big ones too .

John Raitt landed at Sioux Lookout airport where we picked him and the others up for a few days of fishing . Basil had them on walleye before the day was over !

The week was a good one , lots of fish , some weather but for the most part a great week to be on the water .