Spring of 2017

May 19th the first fishermen show up at Lac Seul . The arguing and bragging has already started over who is landing the biggest walleye and last years conquest ! Let the games begin !!

The weather started off with a mix of sun and rain , temps dipping down into the 40's but with a promise of warm weather to come was reported . Looking back now we can say they were wrong once again . Not sure what the average was but below normal for sure . Not that this was bad (mid 60's) but a little more sun and a little less rain would have been better .

Crazy weather for sure BUT the fish crusing the shallows of Lac Seul did not seem to care at all . May as always ,was vary good fishing with many large females being boated for photo opp's before returning to the lake . The Hoving , the Weyandt and Ackersons groups along with others can vouch for this statement . As can the Patee fishing team . Although many walleye between 25 and 29 inches were landed this spring , only one surpassed that magic 30 inch mark .

June held to more of the same when it came to the weather , mid 60's with dips down into the high 40's and a day or two where it pushed up into the high 70's . The walleye , pike and bass stayed in the shallow waters what I think was longer then normal . Walleye at the end of June were still being hammered in 5 feet of water and lots of them ! From sometime around the 10th to 24th of June the walleye fishing went crazy ! Even though Lac Seul is known for it's numbers of walleye per/day these 2 weeks were unbelievable !!!! Basil (one of the guides) had a family (Josh B )of 7 out fishing and they were burning through 32 dozen minnows A DAY and still running out of bait !!  Sam ( my Son and guide) had the same experience , somedays ripping through 16 dozen with 3 guys before noon !  It was crazy good .....  The May fly hatch towards the last part of June , should have put a damper on the fishing and it did somewhat ,  but for the most part things stayed the same , good to vary good CATCHING of walleye .

Pike , whenever , wherever ! You find the walleye , you find the big pike too ! These spotted submarines are feeding on the walleye and believe me , these BIG gators (as we sometimes call them )love to steal the walleye right off your line ! Now this makes for a fun day , a two for one sale ! That is if you get both into the net (:   My Grandson Wyatt did just that last week off the dock . While bring in a lunch size walleye Mr. Pike came screaming to the fighting fish and grabbed on . Dad was able to video and land both walleye and pike for Wyatt . Well done Sam !

43 inches , perhaps a little longer , holds the honor so far this spring . Pat G was one of these guys that pushed to magic 40 inch mark along with about 7 or 8 others so far .

Bass moved up into the shallows around  the first week of June and continued to get better as time went on . It now appears that our average bass landed runs around 17 / 18 inches ! This is one impressive average even for Lac Seul . In the last few years we have seen a great increase not only in size but in numbers , for these hard fighting fish . Pound for pound , nothing fights harder then these bronze footballs !

It's CANADA DAY TODAY , July 1st . A 150 years young , but the history we have made is fabulous . From inventions made in Canada to our Troops in the Armed Services , we are and should be proud as Canadians .

Now lets see what the next few months will bring as to the weather , fishing and who will tip the scales with their trophy's

Stay safe out on the water ! Until next time , keep a tight line .

Shane and the Crew at Lost Island Lodge