The summer that was !


Yes I'm late in making this report  , so shoot me (:   Yes we got some shooting in too !

2015 can only be called a "Great Season "  First off the fishing held from good to "Oh my God" great !  Add the worlds best guest (friends) and you have a winning summer in my book ! 

Where to start ? Well nothing new here , Basil and Sam did what they always do by putting fishermen/person's on fish !  Others like Janssen , Juba , Holly , Townsend ,Behren , Haiders and too many others to name , all put themselves on some fantastic fishing too . Now not to say that they never got some help from "dock guiding" , this is where we "mark the map" for the guest . Sam and Basil need to be commended for doing this ! By giving up their fishing spots they are sometimes a little late getting there only to find the guest banging walleye already !  No problem , there are many more hot spots and these guys know where they are !!!

Some large walleye were landed and returned to the water this summer . 5 over 30 inches . Many pike in the 40+ range with a 46 incher being the best . (it may have been a 47 incher) I'm sure I will be corrected if I'm wrong ! Bass fishing this past June was better then ever . Ask the Crick / Gable party . These guys know how to add big numbers each and everyday . Although Sam did take Mark out after supper one night and introduced him to what Mark is now calling his favorite hot spot !  2  , 21+ inch bass held the top honors   Many 16 to 18 inch bass , many !!

More musky then normal I would say . We don't target musky all that much but landed a good number while jigging for walleye . The guys that did head out hunting these big girls had bad days and good days and this is normal for musky fishermen . 2 over the magic 50 inch number .

I even made a few sorties myself this summer . One was with a long time friend Bill Shasssere and a few of his first time to Lac Seul fishermen . Bill showed me "size" this one day but I showed his boat numbers and Ezrah landed the 27 or 28 incher in my boat too (:  Good times !   I even had the fly rod fishermen one day . Now that's working way to hard when there is a spinning rod and a jig in the boat !  But they loved it !!! One of my best guiding days was with the Grandson , Shane . Not a day of guiding but we did sneak away from camp duties for a hour and we even let his Mother come too . Little Shane landed a 25 inch walleye , Annie a 23 inch and Old Pappy with only a 19 incher !  If my bow line had been about 50 feet longer we could have tied up to the generator building . No need to treavel to far when you  have great fishermen in your boat , like a 5 year old .

The summer weather was also quit good , not to many hot days , vary few . That said I was fishing on a couple of them with a old friend from" back in the day" Shaun and the Queen of pike fishing , Kim .  Still we did have fun catching up on what we both had been doing these past years ( too many years)  .                                                                                                                 Sadly the wind was more prevalent  then what we would have on a average season . Many more windy days then what we like to see . Not the typhoon type winds , but those 10 to 15 mph that make it hard to fish some of your honey holes . We may  not have had  typhoons ,  but we did get a couple storms that kept some folks in the cabins reading or playing pocker ! This happens ever year and a couple of bad wind days is normal  . But over all it was a windy summer !  Still it was nothing like the storms down south thankfully .

For me this was another great summer . The old back held out for the whole season and I got to see many folks that I call my friends . But this could never happen with out the help of my wonderful staff , Thanks to Basil and Vivian , Genny , Sam and Mr." B"  !  One draw back is Vivian over feeding me and the dog Suzy , knowing we can never turn down her fantastic meals or her home made deserts , NEVER !!!

I thank my luck stars for being 1 of the 3 lodges on this end of this huge lake we call Lac Seul . I'm already looking forward to this coming summer and welcoming back our many friends ! Sadly we lost a couple friends this year and they will be missed . So the rest of you please take care and be safe this winter .

Lost Island Lodge , The Hayes Family and staff