Why us Oh Fish Gods ?

 Why Us ?     That my friends is what John , sons and grandson were asking them selves as they sat on the side of the road with berrings smoking on their boat trailer . This would have been on Sat. the 8th , Monday they would once again be headed to Lost Island for some fun fishing times .Grandson's first trip ! They did get a few hours in before night closed in on them Monday . Tuesday it was off for a early start to gain back lost fishing time ! A hour later they limped in on the trolling motor . Water pump went out on the big motor ! A few phone calls later and a new one would be at the shop at 8:00 am Tuesday  ! I told them to just go ahead and use one of our boats  , no charge  , but they opted to fish right around the island using the troller . When they came in they had done ok , some shore lunch size , some slot fish and a few over . Next morning Sam pulled them to the landing and off to the dealer for repaires ,,,,,only to find the part had NOT been shipped . No fault of the dealer , the warehouse had not sent it out "Oh sorry" they said !! Returning to camp with heads hung low I once again offered a boat to use , (we do have a first time Grandson here ! ) and off they went , fishing for the rest of the day . The next day they hired Sam to guide them in his boat . To quote John the next day "Sam saved the trip !  Lots of fish , good size too and a happy Grandson "   I ask you the reader "how was your day" darn good now , right !

I'm happy to say that everyone other then these poor folks , had a good week . It did get a little to warm and still some days but fish were still feeding . The numbers stayed high but the real big walleye were hiding . 27.5 was top walleye , 37 in pike . That held until Larry Rogers of Ryan showed up on Friday afternoon . By evening Larry had boated a 29 inch and not to forget the 1/8 th (This could be the money fish) and the 1/8 could be worth a couple hundred (: 

Basil keeps running out of minnows , good sign as he leaves with all buckets full . numbers over 150 each day. Terry Stone said "Best trip ever"  8 times he has been here and it keeps getting better Terry added . Nate and Jeff also agreed ! Thanks to Nate we also have photos that I will post vary soon , thanks Nate !   Rick Bartelt and son along with another Jeff , made their fist trip to Lost Island and Lac Seul . It was not long before they had Lac Seul down pat and were landing fish . They spent a great day on the water with Sam , coming home with numbers around 150 fish . Jake said it was "Really good " with a big smile on his face . Rick and Jeff added that the shore lunch was fantastic ! The next day we marked the map and off they went on their own and when they returned Jake had a story about the monster musky that came to the boat but only to look !  Later a musky rolled in front of the trolling motor as they cast for pike . Strange fish these musky !! 

George and the "Couples trip" did well even if the first day was a "We had to work for them " . The next day George guided them north to a wonderfull day of catching , good numbers and good size too . I think the girls may have out fished the guys . This may have been the reason Joe stuck the knife into his wrist while cleaning the girls fish !!! We did get the blood stoped , the leck shored up with out a trip to town and a doctor !

The Konsela family trip was also a success and no more so then when apond returning from the days fishing the boys used Dads trolling motor to fish the point (150 yds from main dock ) . 32 walleyes , one 25 1/2 , one 23  and both big fish where as Spencer pointed out landed by him (:  

Also in the good news department , the heatwave is over !!! Mid 70's to mid 60's or so say the weatherman ! He has gotten it right once before (:  This is looking to be a vary good week ahead for those of us lucky enough to be fishing  North western Ontarios best wallye lake , Lac Seul !  Lets not forget the big Northern Pike and those 18 inch plus bass !

Stay safe out on the water , rod tip up , don't loss that big one !

Until next time.